Microsoft vs. MikeRoweSoft

MS: “Mr Rowe, you own the domain name that make fun of our company name.”

MR: “Ahem, and?”

MS: “We would like to buy the domain name off your hand.”

MR: “OK, how much?”

MS: “$10”

MR: “Sorry? You mean $10,000, right?”

MS: “Nope, let me spell it out to you kid in case you failed math. One, zero dollar. Ten. The number between nine and eleven.”

MR: “Ha!” (phone line drops dead)

MS: “Take it or leave it, kid. We’ll sue the ass off you. Hello? Hello? Kid, you still there?”

On a more serious note, someone at Microsoft needs to take the PR-101 course. $10,000 will do such damage to Microsoft’s 2004 gross profit I bet all the shareholders will be up in arms!

$10,000 vs. very bad PR. Mmm…

For more fun reading, visit Slashdot.

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