Some Screen Shots

I’ve been blogging about my blogging tool project for awhile now and so far I’ve shown nobody anything. Well here are three screen shots that explain the project. By the way, I’ve named the project, and thus the application, TypeWriter.

images/TypeWriterBasicThis is the main screen of the application. The blogs you own are displayed on the left along with the categories associated with each blogs. The basic post entry fields are on the right. The three options near the bottom right are blog specific (similar to Categories) and are saved across for each blog across session.

images/TypeWriterAdvanceThis second screen shot shows the advance post data fields.

You will notice that there is no posts displayed in the tree view on the left. This is due to the date/time format problem I am having with TypePad and XML-RPC.

The only working toolbar buttons are: Connect, New, Delete, Bold, Italic, and Anchor.

images/TypeWriterMiscAnd finally, this screen shot shows the misc. tab page.

As you can see, I’ve taken inspiration from a number of outstanding blogging applications such as Kung-Log/ecto, and NetNewsWire. I hope by combining the good features (IMHO) of all these applications I’ve created something good and usable to most bloggers!

Also obvious from these screen shots are that I need help in getting some toolbar icons. If anyone knows where I can get free toolbar icons for Windows, please let me know.

Update: All TypeWriter related posts are now in the ecto blog.

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  2. The coolest feature–if I understood your screenshot correctly–is the ability to post the same entry to multiple blog categories so it’s easy to find. Lord knows, I’d love to be able to do that.


  3. Looking good. Looks like it needs a few tiny interface tweaks, but other than that, I’m looking forward to seeing it.

    One question. Is it possible to implement a rich text input box so we can see bold text rather than whatever etc.


  4. Now that I look at it again, I realise the layout of the toolbar is funky because you are missing icons. I had only only glanced at the screenshots briefly and had thought they were menu items.

    There was a site somewhere that had app icons for windows programs, and they were free, but this was quite a while ago now. There must be a standard set you can use, surely?


    Although I’m a Mac person, by and large, I’ve been forced to use Windows in my job lately, and I’ve been posting more and more using the pc lately.. this tool is something I’d really like to use,

    How will it handle images?

    Are you able to integrate any of the items on the wishlist I posted over at UTR, such as pre-populated posts?




  5. You would think there is a set of standard Windows icons I can just use, right? Used to be that way in VC++/MFC days. I haven’t found the equivalent in .NET yet.

    For file upload, I am aiming to mirror what TypePad offers in terms of feature. How much I can do, I don’t know yet.

    For pre-populated posts/templates, it is a good idea and I need to think about how this can be done. This will be tied to the same mechanism that I am going to use for HTML templates (re: Kung-Log/ecto). Kill two birds with one stone…


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