Don't knock it till you try it

Michelle wrote about her new found obsession on digital music with her iPod x’mas present.

I’ve found throughout the years that there are a number of gadgets that are invaluable to my life, but not until I took the plunge and tried them out. Here are the short list (and by no mean exhaustive):

  • Mobile Phone
  • iPod
  • TiVo
  • Laptop with Wi-Fi and broadband

All of these started out as nothing more than a gimmick to me. But once I bought one of them and started utilizing it to its fullest, each of them becomes an integral part of my life.

How can anyone live without the convenient of able to call anyone anywhere? Listen to your entire music collection anywhere? Able to paused live TV to make a cup of coffee? No more search through tapes? Connected to the net 24/7 and not being tied to a desk?

All of them sound trivial right? We all get on our lives without any of them previously and why should these gadgets make our life better now? Wait till you try any of them out and see how each of them improve your life!

5 thoughts on “Don't knock it till you try it

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  1. I don’t have a TiVo, but the other day as I was programming my VCR to record a movie on television, I though about how incredibly I envied my brother for his. Then, as I was watching the movie on the VHS, fast-forwarding through the commercials, I thought about how desperately wonderful it would be to put the movie on my computer, edit the commercials, and then burn to DVD for easy, rewindless viewing. If I bought a TiVo, I could skip the VCR and the process of putting it all on the puter… how much more efficient.

    “Make your life better” is an understatement. Save time and energy is more like it. Give more to your life, add hours (or minutes) to your day.

    Mobile phone and iPod are both indispensible. I can’t believe the deliberation my customers subject themselves to while purchasing the tool. Some seriously consider not purchasing it, despite my efforts to assure them that yes, my CDs are gathering dust and my iPod is all that I use!


  2. i’m hooked on 3 out of 4 of your new essential gadgets (never was much of a tv watcher). and i think i would add digital cameras to my list. now that they are capable of producing decent-sized print quality images, i really can’t remember the last time i dropped off a roll of film for developing … and my scanner mostly serves to collect dust on my desk.


  3. I’ve been putting off getting a digital camera for the last year, due to both financial reason and lack of time. Thus, I am still using my trusty Canon EOS 30 and FS4000US film scanner.

    If and when I get a new job for the year, I will probably try to save up for the D10…


  4. I must admit…I only have one of the 4 things mentioned here. In reading these comments, I don’t know how I’m surviving without all of them. Alas, I only have the mobile phone. And, I couldn’t live with out that. Which makes me afraid of purchasing the others. I mean, I’ve survived this long with out those other 3 gadgets and seem to be doing just fine. What to do…what to do.


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