Sad news to close out the year…

The news of the death of the Hong Kong star, Anita Mui, brought back my childhood memory. That is, until I reached the end of that BBC news article and also found that Leslie Cheung, another Hong Kong star during my childhood years, had committed suicide earlier this year! This is just so shocking to me as I grow up with these stars, just like the current generation grow up with Britney, Justin, etc. Not that it is fair comparison as Anita and Leslie were both highly acclaimed singers and actors who won awards through their talents, unlike Britney who can’t sing nor act.

One thought on “Sad news to close out the year…

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  1. Blimey, Anita Mui died? She was excellent in Rouge. Wonder how long before the Triad conspiracy rumours go rampantly wild?

    And as for Leslie Cheung dying, where were you man? It made the front page of BBC News for goodness’ sake 😉


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