iBook and water don't mix well

On Thursday, Leah spilled some water onto her 3 years old iBook. After a panic phone call to me and followed my instruction on drying out her iBook and letting it stand for a couple of hours, it turned out that it is still fully functional with the exception of the LCD backlight.

She took it to the Apple Store in SoHo and the ‘genius’ in the genius bar told her that it will cost either $300, $400, or $800 to fix, depending which component needs replacing. Of course we didn’t have it fix.

So now, after transferring her Entourage database, documents, and musics to my TiBook, we are now sharing my computer instead. We are still contemplating getting a LCD monitor and turn the iBook into a desktop instead. We’ll see…

3 thoughts on “iBook and water don't mix well

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  1. Hmm glad I am no the only one who did this. I dumped water in mine and half of keyboard doesn’t work and the LCD is really dim, too dim to see but I can tell it still works by putting flashlight up to back of it. Do you really think its the Inverter (Display lamp driver) circuit board”? I might try it, I have a keyboard coming already. Sure I’d love a new iBook but thats not possible now.


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