Safe Jacking?

“Jack Sharing” seems to have became main stream as Wired News ran a story about it, Feel Free to Jack Into My IPod. Personally I have not seen this happen in my Tri-State area but let’s face it, I don’t have spare time during the day to have leisurely walk. And there is something personal about sharing your musical taste to a ‘real’ stranger. Sharing over the net is pretty annoymous, most of the time you just download the track you want and that’s it. But with “jack sharing”, you are standing right there in front of the stranger while sampling her/his music. Not sure I like that. Now, if I were approached by a beatiful blonde woman with a iPod to “jack share”, things may be different 😉 Somehow I don’t see that happening in Manhattan but I will keep my fingers crossed and my eyes peeled…

2 thoughts on “Safe Jacking?

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  1. I would dig jacking into someone’s iPod, if only I had the opportunity. The majority of students at the school I attend lack either the technological know-how or the funds to acquire an iPod (that’s what I get for attending a community college).

    Next semester, I will be solely in the technological building of the school, and I anticipate rather different iPod-jacking attempt results.


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