Enterprise Theme Song Must Go! Petition

I blog about my dislike of the new Enterprise theme song but this, Enterprise Theme Song Must Go! Petition, I think is taking it a little bit too serious.

6 thoughts on “Enterprise Theme Song Must Go! Petition

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  1. What’s the matter with you whiner’s , it’s the most heart felt song that’s been written , the people who worked on the space programe (my father being one of them) were the most brave people in the world . You have no taste in music if you dislike it

    Laurie Mansfield (I’m trying to find thecd who sing’s it and what is it called


  2. In my previous post about the song, I think most people like the song. Just not the latest, soft rock, interpretation of it. I much prefer the original version in season 1 and 2.

    And the singer is Russel Watson. The CD is called Voice and is available on Amazon. The track is ‘Where My Heart Will Take Me’.


  3. I just can’t see any other song replacing the current one. Granted it was a bit different in the beginning that what we had expected, but after the years, it just seems to fit perfectly..I say keep it, Please……my husband and I have picked that song as our wedding song


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