The West Wing – TNG

CNN runs a very good article – Matthew Perry, a good thing on ‘Wing’ – about how The West Wing is as good, if not better, after the series creator and producer, Aaron Sorkin, departed from the series since last season.

I was worried that the dialogue quality would suffer but that is not the case, and I enjoy this new ‘style’ just as much. It is not better or worse, just different.

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  1. Mmm… that’s strange since I test this site using Safari in Panther, Firebird on both OS X and WinXP, and IE6 on XP. All of them looks the same and good, for once. Have you tried forcing a browser refresh?


  2. I’m viewing your site with Safari in Jaguar. I get none of the problems that Web reports.

    But, some of the ‘recent comments’ links look dead.

    I like the look, by the way.


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