Pattern Recognition

I was bracing myself for a long haul when I started reading William Gibson‘s latest novel, Pattern Recognition. Why the long haul, you ask? Because base on his previous works, I expected great story line but one of the strangest, most neurotic writing style I’ve came across. Best probably only by British Sci-Fi writer Jeff Noon.

150 pages into the book, I was surprised and gripped. Not only did William Gibson had written this novel in style that almost approaches normal, the story is interesting and gripping right from the beginning. One does not require to be high on banned substances to understand what he was writing!

The locations (New York and London) probably biased my feelings but nonetheless for the first time in long while that I can’t put down a book. I want to read it all the way to the end. Now. Forget about sleep. Fuck work. Sod off TV, have TiVo. Food? Piss off until I finish the book…

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