And the poll says

Thirty five of you visitors had voted and here is the result:


So it is a dead heat between Las Vegas and NYC. Since we are living next to Manhattan, that rules NYC out 🙂 The surprise result is the lack of interest in Washington D.C. Personally, I would love to spend a week down in D.C. just going to all the museums and places of interest.

Anyway, Leah and I decided that we will go to Florida at the end of November to relax for a week. We can go to the Rocket Garden in the Kennedy Space Center, I can play some golf, Leah can spend some time in the spa, etc. I definitely need it since I’ve been working 11 months straight (barring a few days off here and there).

Thank you for voting.

3 thoughts on “And the poll says

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  1. Good Lord! Why is Las Vegas the only destination you’re considering west of the Appalachians?

    A short list of other destinations you should consider: New Orleans (beautiful this time of year, and fun year-round), Chicago (ditto), Door County, WI, or Big Sur. Note that I suggested two urban destinations and two rural destinations, so you have some choice.


  2. Good point. However, Leah and I just want to go somewhere that we knew already as we just want to chill out and not running around sightseeing.


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