'ER' soundtrack

This has been bugging me for awhile now. On and off for the last year or so, whenever I remembered the ER episode where Dr. Greene die in Hawaii I always wanted to know one of the soundtrack that was used in the episode. The instrumental soundtrack in question was played during the kind of quiet section at the end where there weren’t any dialogs.

I’ve tried searching the web but have not been able to find it yet. So if anyone know, please email me the track name and the artist.

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  1. It may well have been a loop of the musical intro to Over the Rainbow done my some hawaiian guy on a ukulele. The same cut was used in an e-Toys commercial two or three Christmases ago.


  2. i thought it was bobby mcferrin…somewhere over the rainbow. you on a mac? every mac world keynote they play that at the end when the crowd is leaving. but maybe I’n wrong. The previous comment seems more likely.


  3. Does anyone know the name of a song played willie nelson in one of the episodes of E.R. during the time when carter was in africa?


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