Portland Photos

Just posted some of the photos I took in Portland when Leah visited me last weekend. Here is a taster…


3 thoughts on “Portland Photos

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  1. Great photo.. I was just downloading iBlod (to install on the new powerbook) and followed a few links and next thing I know I’m looking at a pic of my home town (although now I live in Chicago)… Thanks for the pic….


  2. Congradulation on the new PB! Must be nice… I only have the Ti800 🙂 More pic should be up soon, once I’ve finished the roll and get it developed.


  3. Nice pics! By the way, I have just treated myself to a brand new Canon Powershot G5 digital camera! Now this is what I call a serious camera! 5 Megapixel, 5x optical/digital zoom and so many functions I have not managed to figure out even a third of them all.


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