JIT=Just In Time. First originate (for me at least) in Java, as in the JIT compiler.

Kind of have a new meaning for me today. I flew cross country from New York to Portland, OR today and it seems that I got out of town JIT! I avoided the power outage back in New York area which also affect my apartment. Of course Leah is not happy as she has no light, no phone (our phone is cordless so need power to work), no TV, no internet, and most important of all no A/C!

Hopefully, power will be back by tomorrow and Leah won’t need to endure another dark and hot night.

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  1. Just looking at your site as a demo of iBlog actually, but saw your note about JIT… actually my apartment was without electricity for the longest of anyone in NYC, as my neighborhood, Chelsea was the last to come on. 29 hours. And worse than not having electricity, internet, air conditioners, telephone, light, was not having water! All apartments above the sixth floor or so in NYC rely on pumps to lift the water to a higher level, namely to the tanks on the roofs. When the tank empties, and there’s no power to run the pumps, you’ve got no water. This truly sucks, I must say!

    But glad you got out in time, even if your “other half” did not.


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