iBlog vs. TypePad

As you probably noticed, I’ve added a poll (look to your right) about whether I should stick with iBlog and FTP to my ISP web space, or migrate to TypePad which hosts everything.

Here are the few things I am unhappy with iBlog:

  • Not XHTML compliant
  • FTP not really reliable
  • Need to rely on 3rd party services for things such as polls, comments, etc.
  • Have to blog from my computer

All these things TypePad can provide but of course nothing comes free! TypePad’s fee is pretty reasonable for what it offers, and I can have my own domain name as well as hosting my photo site at the same time. Not to mention the ability to allow me to blog anywhere as long as the computer has a net connection.

The only things that are stopping me right now are costs, both in terms of financial and migration. So vote away or send me comments and let me know which way I should go.

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