With Leah back in the UK and I just found out I have to travel to my company’s HQ on the west coast for a week, I finally decided that setting VCR and cable box timers are just no fun. So I went and bought a TiVo today.

It is the series 2 – 80 hours version. The 80 hours is a bit misleading as it can only achieve that if I set all my recording using low quality setting. With highest quality, I can get around 24 hours out of it. Still not too bad.

Only took me about an hour to set it up, with me spending 30 minutes just to wire it between cable box, VCR, and the TV. The software setup was a breeze. Same with setting up TV programs to record. Especially with the Season Pass feature, where you just select one show and it can work out and record all the remaining episode for you. Nifty.

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