Surround me…

After over 3 years without a surround sound home theatre system, I’ve finally purchased one last week and it was setup last night. Instead of the separate systems that I had in Britain before I moved to U.S., this time I opted for a all-in-one systems, the Panasonic SC-HT900. It is pretty stylish in metallic silver and the slim, tall speakers are non-intrusive (a big complain from Leah for my last ‘proper’ systems). The DVD video output is more than great with its components video signal. The sounds are good for its price and although the subwoofer doesn’t rock the whole apartment, it’s subtlety is more pleasant to the ears. All in all, a pretty good purchase.

Next on the gadget list, Sony Ericsson Z600 cell phone.

Great Moblogging Features on TypePad

SixApart announced some very nifty moblogging features for MovableType and TypePad today at DEMO 2004.

They are all very cool, especially armed with a camera mobile phone or smartphone like P900, but where are the file management tools for regular TypePad users who don’t do moblogging?

Touchy Typy

Sometimes people I work with comment on the speed of my typing (40+ wpm). I’ve learnt touch typing many years ago and I always tell people that I learnt it through the need of completing essays. In reality, I’ve learnt and perfected my typing skills during my time in college, not writing essays but chatting on IRC!

Music from the Meister

Leah and I were at the Lincoln Center last night attending John Williams’ performance with the New York City Philharmonic.

It was fantastic hearing the master of cinematic composing conducting his own music. The program contains a wide varieties of scores from John Williams’ collection. I was disappointed that Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Born on the Forth of July were not on the program. But the performance of the theme from Schindler’s List was excellent and we were treated with three encore performances, one of which was the Star Wars main theme!

It was, by far, the best birthday present I have had.

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