A Dumpling Manifesto

From Slate:

The Chinese dumpling is a magnificent product of the human imagination:
At its best, it is charming in appearance, chewy and savory, and can
trigger a head rush like sashimi or blue cheese.

My favorite part:

The Cantonese, clever by nature, are great dumpling innovators. They
understand the importance of sticky skin better than any other region,
which is why their shrimp dumplings (har gau) are justifiably famous. They are also credited with creating a giant variety of unusual dumplings for dim sum, including what are arguably the best vegetarian dumplings.

The real funny part is in the discussion board though. It starts off fine, people discussion dumpling as meant to. But somehow it degenerated into Rachael Ray flame war. Huh?

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11 and 4

11 – prime number, and the whole number after 10 and before 12. But it is also the number of years eiron and I have been together. Bloody hell! That's a long time!

4 – even number, and unlucky in Chinese. It is also the number of years we have been married.

This week is anniversary week for eiron and I. Tonight we are going to Alfama for dinner. eiron even declared last night that she would be having not only a cocktail before dinner, but also a glass of port, and coffee afterward! We'll see about that.

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QotD: Speak To Me In…

How many languages can you speak?  Which languages can you read or understand?

My shameful answer is that I can speak one and half languages, English and Cantonese. I barely have any opportunity to speak Cantonese nowadays that I hardly know how to. But give me couple of weeks of living with my parents or in Hong Kong, I'll be back to a more respectful level.

As for reading and understanding, I can only claim one now. Chinese is a lost cause for me. Reading and writing are so different from speaking that I'll need lots more time to (re)learn Chinese. (Not that I was good at Chinese before I immigrated to Britain but that's kind of beside the point, isn't it?)

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