JIT=Just In Time. First originate (for me at least) in Java, as in the JIT compiler.

Kind of have a new meaning for me today. I flew cross country from New York to Portland, OR today and it seems that I got out of town JIT! I avoided the power outage back in New York area which also affect my apartment. Of course Leah is not happy as she has no light, no phone (our phone is cordless so need power to work), no TV, no internet, and most important of all no A/C!

Hopefully, power will be back by tomorrow and Leah won’t need to endure another dark and hot night.


I mean S.W.A.T.! Not sure what those critics were going on about but this movie doesn’t pretend to be high brow stuff or Shakespeare challenger. So despite it having a obvious story line with equally obvious ending, it is just the perfect summer movie. The screen presences of Samuel L. Jackson, Colin Farrell, and Michelle Rodriguez help a lot too. I thoroughly enjoyed this mindless, escape-tism movie.

What's next?

I’ve been having some trouble with this poll thing so I moved it to the side bar and make it into a monthly poll.

Let me know if this poll thing works for you. I can’t seem to vote and see the result. It keeps going back to the voting page rather than take me to the result page.

Another step…

Just a few days after we received our Employment Authorization Card from INS, the Advance Parole Notices also arrived on our door step! Woo hoo! So now we have the same rights as Green Card holders, just waiting for the final approval from INS.

Leah has applied for her SSN today and hopefully (fingers crossed) she will be looking for jobs as well.

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