Screen protector

Since I got my Nokia E61 last month, I've been resisting the urge to put a screen protector on its screen. My logic is that since it does not has a touch screen, like the Treo 650, it is built much less flexible so subsequently requires less protection.

Well, that part is true but unfortunately things (read face and hand) still come into contact with the screen and leave oil and dirty on it. Keeping it clean almost becomes a ritual before and after every usage. So finally I gave up and ordered some screen protector last week. Originally I wanted to get some from BoxWave whose screen protector I used on my Treo and was impressed by it. Their screen protector is not the normal thin, very flexible, and very sticky type. Rather it is constructed with thicker than normal clear plastic, making it much stiffer and easier to apply to screen without any bubbles. Also it uses a mild adhesive that attracts almost no dust during the application process. Unfortunately BoxWave doesn't have one that fit the E61 yet but after some searching on forums I came across another company that makes similar screen protector called Martin Fields.

When I opened the package, I was relived that Martin Fields' screen protector is very similar to BoxWave's. After cleaning the E61 screen with screen cleaner, I applied the screen protector with ease and got no bubble or dust. The size is almost perfectly fitted to the actual screen so there is very little gap remains unprotected. Clarity-wise it is very good and unless one looks very closely it is almost undetectable.

So now I can use my phone without worrying about making the screen dirty.

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Lens and desk

For our summer trip to Rome last month, I bought a ultra wide angle lens (20-35mm) from eBay for my Canon DSLR. But then at last minute I decided to travel light so I didn't take it with me to Rome. It is not until just a few minutes ago that I took the first photos using that lens after having it for over 3 months!

You see, ever since Leah and I lived together all those years ago she had never has a desk of her own. I always have a desk so it is a pretty new thing for her to have her own. So when she had finally finished 'pimping' her desk out she naturally wanted some photos to show off.

I am sure she would tell you all more about her new desk. Me, I am just the photographer so enjoy!

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Softball photography

I was all psyched up last Friday for our company's softball game because I was going to take photos again. After playing for the team in the last two seasons, I really want to go back to photographing the game like in the beginning.

But alas, we weren't able to get enough players so I had to go home and got change to play instead. Hopefully there will be enough players for the next game on Wednesday so I can finally take some photos.

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On Thursday night I pucked up the courage to flash my E61's firmware. Why? One of the thing that has bugged me since the beginning is the inability to set the name ordering in the Contacts application. Even though there are three choices, Last name First name, Last name, First name, and First name Last name, only the first one works whichever you choose. It was finally tracked down to the English-Chinese firmware that my E61 has and it makes sense because chinese names are always last name first.

Anyway, when I read a post at HowardForums on how to flash the firmware with clear and concise instruction, I was tempted. After downloading all the apps and patches required and installed them (there are a few), I finally took the plunge at around mid-night on Friday to flash my phone to the English-Netherland firmware.

The flashing took only about 10 minutes and it worked perfectly. Though I was definitely crossing my fingers the whole time, hoping my phone would still be working at the end. After the flashing was completed, I then spent another hour or so putting all my settings back and installed all the apps. Crucially, the name ordering settings now work so I have First name Last name showing in the Contacts list.

Now, Nokia just needs to release firmware updates to fix some of the other bugs…

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