We got an unexpected long weekend due to network integration in the office tomorrow. So we are given tomorrow off work while the IT guys do their magic.

For me, that means time for more tennis practice with my friend Dan. The weather should be good tomorrow. A bit cold but hopefully not too windy. I am hoping I can try out some of the techniques I've learnt from watching the Tennis Pod Pro video podcast.

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New banner/theme

After briefly flirted with using the London's Eye as the banner, I think this tennis one is much better. The only gripe I have is that I can't change the text colour to white so the title stands out better.

(And yes, that is my foot at the service line)

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Tennis photos

Last Monday I brought along my camera to my weekly tennis match. My friend Dan took some photos of me while I played my match. I was going to return the favour during his match but I played a double match instead 🙂 I guess I'll have to photograph him next time we play!

More on Flickr but this one on the left showing me in mid serve with my foot a few inches off the ground is my favorite of them all.

I think if my coach in Hong Kong all those years ago when I was a kid see these photos, he would be proud!

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