Halloween costume

My daughters want to dress up as Rey from Star Wars for this year Halloween so I’ve been tasked with creating two staffs.

A quick search on Etsy turned up a number of 3D printing models for the staff. A few minutes and dollars later, I was in possession of the 3D models. (The one I purchased is sadly no longer available but there are other similar ones on the site)


I divided the parts into two groups: a) simple cylindrical parts (mostly the handles, etc.), b) complex parts which may require printing supports.

I started with the complex parts first and whilst some of the supports failed to stick or print correctly, the rest of the parts printed fine.

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QotD: My Intro to the Big Screen

What was the first movie you remember seeing in a movie theater? 
Question submitted by mainmor.

The first movie that I have recollection of is the original Superman movie. Actually I remembered winning a pair of free tickets to Superman in one of the bottle drink. I insisted my mom taking me to see it even though it was an English movie, and I knew not a word of English then. We ended up leaving the cinema about half way (a third?) through the movie because there wasn't enough action to keep me interested, and I kept asking my mom what was going on.

The proper first movie that I remembered seeing is Star Wars. This time not knowing English did not diminish my enjoyment of the movie at all, for the obvious reason!

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