Wolf in sheep’s clothing

After having been coding in Windows inside OS X, using Parallels, on my Mac Pro for a day and half I still feel very weird about the whole thing. (Getting my laptop's Windows installation transferred into a Parallels' virtual hard disk image was a long and tedious process and I won't bore you with the details)

Using Windows inside OS X just feel plain strange at the moment but I like it so far. Being able to run both OSes at the same time is so much more convenient, I don't have to switch screen/keyboard/mouse inputs, or keep two sets of emails and web bookmarks, and I can just drag-n-drop files between the two OSes. Despite running inside a vm, Visual Studio 2005 works very well. It runs and compiles almost as fast as on my Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz Dell with RAID 0 drives in the office but I think the 2.66 GHz Xeon processor helps! 🙂

Anyway, the Mac Pro is everything that I have hoped for. Yes it is expensive but given my last mac lasts over 4 years I think it is a good investment. It does mean that I have to forgo the Xbox 360 for another 6 months or so but I don't have time to play game that much anyway. In fact, my Mac Pro is so good that I spent most of my time on the mac and didn't play even one second of Halo this weekend, normally the designated Halo time of the week.

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Dude! Where’s my Mac?

According to FedEx, it has left Anaheim, CA two days ago but that's all! No more details on where it is, like right frakking now. Nothing!

Damn you, FedEx! (Shaking fist at the sky)

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Slowness be gone!

I've done it! I bought a Mac Pro this afternoon using eiron's company discount on the Apple Store online. 10% discount isn't bad at all. So in less than two weeks time, I won't need to put up with slow computer, or switching between two laptops! I may even play some games (classic such as Syndicate, Theme Hospital, etc.) again on the computer. Can't wait!

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I know I need new computer when…

  • Web browsers (Firefox or Safari) run slow when iTunes is playing.
  • I can type faster than the browser can display sometimes (think back to the 14.4kbps modem era).
  • iPhoto takes forever to load, to save changes of photos, or to exports to Flickr.
  • Video podcast in 320×240 resolution drops frames when played. Don't even think about HD or H.264 encoded video.
  • And most important of all, eiron has a faster computer than either of mine!

Having said all that, my G4 800MHz Titanium PowerBook has been with me for over 4 years. And forcing it to drive my new Dell LCD monitor @ 1900×1200 resolutions doesn't help the speed matter either.

Now, should I prolong the suffering and wait till after Christmas to see if there is any bargains or price drop? Or I can just pick up one of those speedy Mac Pro from the SoHo Apple Store this coming Black Friday, especially with the 10% discount?

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I've decided to upgrade my computers (plural because I have an old Apple PowerBook as well as a Compaq laptop) to the new MacPro near the end of the year. Probably after Christmas so I should get some discount. But since the MacPro is so damn expensive and doesn't come with a display, I decided that I will spread the cost of the upgrade by buying the display now, a few months before the main event.

In an ideal world where I have infinite amount of money in the bank, I would pick the Apple's 23" Cinema Display without a thought. But since I don't live in the ideal world, I have to look out for my wallet and bought the Dell 24" LCD widescreen display. It was delivered today and after clearing out the desk of all the crap and then connected both laptops to it (mouse and keyboard as well via a USB switch) the desk looks real cool now. Without further ado, here are some photos:

Those paper on the desk are about 10 months worth of bills, letters, and payslips. It looks a lot but if you think about it, it is actually very little considering that is 10 months!

I still need a wrist pad for the keyboard so I won't get pain in my forearms after long period of typing. And there is also a computer stand that is arriving tomorrow so I can stack the two laptops better, instead of just laying one atop of the other.

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