Miss Spellings

I am hoping that someone in the White House anticipated this ironic headline when they decided to nominate the new secetary for the Department of Education. So if Margret Spellings makes a mistake in the future as education secetary, can we call her Bad Spellings or Misspellings?

Not unexpected

No winner so far with the race hinges on Ohio and New Mexico. Not the sort of morning I was hopping for but I wasn’t entirely surprised either. I guess I kind of misunderestimate the level of political and social policy awareness in American public.

Now, where can we get a banner or t-shirt with Bartlet for America on it?

And to Ron, New York is not ungrateful. New York is politically aware that Bush is not the president we hoped him to be. We are able to separate his talk from his walk. We like his talks but disagree with the way he walks.

Here goes for nothing…

So after all that have been said and done by both sides, today (and the rest of the week probably) will decide the future of America for the next 4 years. It’s a shame that Leah and I can’t vote because we’ve became very much politically aware since we moved to America. TV show like The West Wing helps us to understand how the federal government works, or not work. We are probably more knowledgeable in that respect than a fair proportion of the voting population today. Not that our vote will determine the presidency as New Jersey’s electoral college votes are going to Kerry anyway (or at least that’s what the prediction says).

Good luck Kerry and Edwards. I am crossing my fingers for you guys and hopefully we didn’t waste the last four years getting our permanent residency to have the next four under Bush administration, again.

News from the future?

You want to read about scientific news that will be reported by general media outlet about a week or so in the future? Read the New Scientist magazine. When I was travelling to tennis yesterday I was reading last week edition of the New Scientist about the possible new great ape in DRC (actually they think it is another specie of chimpanzee). Guess what? BBC reports it today and Slashdot picks it up as well. And this is not a recent phenomenon. I’ve noticed this trend of the general media lagging the trade media since I started reading the magazine over 10 years ago!

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