One small step…

For those who follow my Instagram account, you may have seen the progress of my latest craft project.

50 years ago today, July 16th 1969, three earthlings lifted off from Cape Canaveral in Florida to begin their journey to the Moon. 4 days later, Neil Armstrong took the first step onto the lunar surface.

To celebrate and commemorate this event, I’ve spent the month of June and July recreating one of the artifacts from the Lunar landing.

The Beginning

Back in 2015(!) the Smithsonian created the Kickstart project, Reboot the Suit, to raise fund to “conserve, digitize, and display Neil Armstrong’s and Alan Shepard’s spacesuits.”

It raised more than $700k which enabled the Neil Armstrong’s lunar spacesuit to be displayed on July 16th, 2019!

As a project backer, I received a 3D printing digital file of the spacesuit glove which I promptly put aside and forgot. At that time I did not have access to a 3D printer nor felt the need to purchase one for this one-off project.

However, when we moved cross-country to California last year, I joined productOps which has a Raise3D Pro2 printer.

As May this year came around, I suddenly realized that I now have the tool and, perhaps, the skills to do justice to Neil Armstrong’s glove.

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