Another boring gadgets roundup

As Leah said, I haven’t been blogging much lately. No particular reasons but may be that is it. I didn’t find anything particularly interesting to blog about.

But today I received the new external hard drive I ordered earlier this week. As I discussed before this is part of my backup requirement. So now I have two drives, one 160GB and one 80GB. Plenty enough storage for all three laptops in the apartment. Now I just need to get myself a copy of Norton Ghost to mirror my PC laptop drive.

Inside the Amazon package I’ve also ordered a newer version of the D-Link USB Bluetooth adapter that I already own. This one allow me to use the bluetooth headset for Skype which the old one doesn’t.

And finally, I’ve decided that I won’t get a XBox 360 until Halo 3 is out. So I bought the latest XBox Toca Race Driver 3 so I have a good driving game to hold me out until Halo 3.

Unfortunately I’ll have to work weekends until the end of the month to push out a software release at work. That means less time for TV, games, and more importantly, development work on ecto. Talk of the devil, ecto 2 is close to be beta ready. I just need to finish up with the new installer and I can put it out there for testing! Very exciting.

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Waterfall Software Life Cycle

Best satire site ever!

Waterfall 2006

My favourites

From wordUnit: A Document Testing Framework:

“Writing WordUnit tests in advance of writing documents, also known as Document-Driven Documentation, is a further refinement that leads to even greater efficiency and productivity.”

And from Testing: Saving the Best for Last:

Her most recent article in Better-Defined Software was “If Today’s the Ship Date, I Must Be Done Testing.”

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Make up your mind Gmail

Gmail seems to be unable to make up its mind. I did not join Gmail at the beginning so I don’t know how it was before, but ever since I joined there has been three changes to the description of the option to delete an email.

First it was “Move to Trash”, then a few months back it changed to “Delete” which I like. Then today it changes again to “Move to Deleted Items”.

I can understand ‘Trash’ not being common terms outside North America but I think “Delete” is pretty obvious what it does. Talk about being verbose…

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