Sleepless in NYC

I've been trying to finish this book for about 4 months now. I even packed it in my bags when I flew back to the U.K. last Christmas, hoping I could get some traction on it as I travelled. Alas, life has been very busy what with being paid to blog, tennis, ecto, moving apartment in March, weekly magazines (New Scientist and Autosport) to read, podcasts to listen to, et al.

More hours of the day, or decrease the number of hours of sleep I need will be very welcomed.

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QotD: In-Flight Entertainment

How do you pass the time during a flight?  What do you bring in your carry-on?

Depending on the flight time but generally this is the order of events:

  1. Start reading a book/magazine that I want to read for a while but didn't have time until the flight/vacation.
  2. Get bored and switch on the in-flight map to see where we are.
  3. Get bored with the map and start listening to podcast on my iPod.
  4. Dozed off and only wake up for food and drinks.
  5. Rinse and repeat…

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