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Leah and I watched the An Inconvenient Truth this afternoon. It was both nothing new and revelation to me. Nothing new because all the facts Al Gore presents in the movie, I’ve previously read in New Scientist over the course of perhaps a decade. Revelation because having Al Gore summarised all the facts and evidences in a coherent argument brings a much greater impact than each individual items.

Definitely a must see movie of this decade, along side Syriana, and Fahrenheit 9/11.

As for how carbon neutral we are, using the Carbon Calculator, Leah and I are both emitting less than the national average (9900 for me, 13000 for Leah, US national average is 15000 pound/year). This is still much higher than I thought we are emitting, taking into account of us not owning a car and having a very small electricity bills. The majority of our emission is from the trans-Atlantic flights that we take to UK every year. I guess we just have to cut down our European visit in the name of saving the planet!

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NASA Chief: Risk Inherent in Shuttle Flight.

Right on! For Michael Griffin.

DUH! To the people who think space flight is routine and safe, and need to be reminded that these brave astronauts know and accept the risk for the betterment of humankind.

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Mars? Yes! Hubble Space Telescope? No!

Rutan Takes Aim at NASA’s CEV Plans, Likens it to ‘Archeology’

“The budget forecast [for NASA] is to go out and spend hundreds of billions of dollar to go to Mars and yet you don’t have the courage to go back to the Hubble … it looks like you got the wrong guys doing it,” Rutan concluded.

How very true…

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