QotD: Things I’m Truly Passionate About

What are the things in life that you're truly passionate about? 
Submitted by Jess.

From now and for the foreseeable future, Climate Crisis and Atheism.

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Atheist Professor vs. Religious Students

If you want to see how an atheist rationally (and I may say, restrained at times) responds to an organised attempts by religious students to hi-jack the Q&A session, read this post and watch part 2 of the video. It is rather long, 69 minutes, but it is well worth your time I promise!

(For some reason, Vox's YouTube search does not find the video even though I can find it easily on YouTube site. Here is a short clip below.)

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Do We Really Need Bad Reasons To Be Good?

From RichardDawkins.net:

Most Americans appear to believe that without faith in God, we would
have no durable reasons to treat one another well. The political
version of this morality claim is that our country was founded on
"Judeo-Christian principles,” the implication being that without these
principles we would have no way to write just laws.

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