Push, baby. Push!

It has been a while since my last proper geek post, so I just have to do one to balance the 'force'.

After the saga I had with getting Blackberry Connect to work with my E61, I was more or less given up on push email on my phone. I've been getting emails via POP and IMAP but the native email client on E61 sucks at dealing with lost connection/reconnection. Once it detects a data connection is lost, the automatic retrieval schedule will be switched off and requires to be switched on again manually. WTF?

But thanks to e-series.org blog, I've found Mail2Web last week. It's a free Exchange mail service and the best thing about it (apart from being free) is that they also expose the mobile synchronisation URL so once I installed Mail for Exchange on my E61, I was able to get push email on my phone. Moreover, Mail for Exchange works just fine with spotty connection. It will just reconnection, re-sync without any complaints. The only downside with it is that it drains battery slightly faster than the native clients since it is pretty 'chatty' with the Exchange server and thus uses a bit of juices. Not a big deal since I have chargers at home and at the office but it may be a big deal for some people.

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