QotD: New Car

If you were forced to buy a new car today, what kind of car would you get?

It has to be a hybrid, at the minimum.

Realistically a Toyota Prius. While the current model looks fine, I much prefer the 2010 model which looks much more muscular and sporty.
Unrealistically, a Tesla Roadster. Or better yet the forthcoming Tesla Sedan, though it looks like production would be delayed due to recent economy crisis.
Chevy Volt gets a honourable mention because it is all electric and looks pretty nice. I'd hold off buying one until GM proves that they can change their wasteful ways and more importantly, that quality control is up to par along side Toyota.

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Blind spots

When it comes to programming, I have tremendous respect for my ex-colleague Scott. But apparently he is not a car nut (hint: he drives a Prius), so I was surprised by his post about how the side mirrors should be setup. I thought I was the only person to setup side mirrors this way ever since I owned my first car in the mid-90's! This is despite the fact that this setup is entirely logically as the function of the mirrors (at least to me) is to remove blind spots!

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