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As part of the Download Squad blogger team I was honored to be invited to participate in a podcast about my Ubuntu experience, the first of the switcher series on Download Squad. I've already listened to it and think my inexperience as an interviewee shows. I did not sound entirely comfortable and felt rushed in places but I guess it all comes down to practice.

If you spend the time to listen to the podcast, do you think I went into too much technical details about my experience?

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Time and space

The commute from my apartment door to my office desk is about 40-45 minutes each way. This is also probably the only time in the day that I don't have to interact with any one. So I treasure this alone time and personal space greatly by either listening to podcasts, work on blog post ideas, or organize important thoughts such as what should I have for lunch that day.

Yesterday I was about half way to the PATH station at Exchange place when my friend Dan caught up with me. (Dan and I live in the same apartment building so sometimes we bump into each other on our way to work. I try as hard as I can to avoid it but inevitably I fail.) He interrupted the This American Life podcast at exactly 8:21. I reluctantly took off my headphones and made small talks for the rest of the way. It would be ok if Dan is someone easy to talk to. But he is quick to judge and like most people I know, self-centered. Example, when the PATH train arrives at the station packed with commuters, Dan complains that there are so many people. Hmmm… What the fuck do you expect @ 8:30?

This morning I deliberately set out 10 minutes later than my usual time in the hope to avoid Dan all together, even if I have to be late for work! Alas, my podcast utopia lasted less than 2 minutes when Dan caught up with me, again! As he greeted me with, "What's up?" I did the polite thing and replied "Not much." while in my mind I was screaming "You MoFo! Leave me the fuck alone! Don't you see I have my headphones on and listening to something intently? Why the fuck do you think I use sound isolating headphones? MoFo!"

Tomorrow I will attempt to leave early and see how it works out. If Dan interrupts me again, I may have to walk to Grove Street station instead (i.e. in the other direction and one station further away) so I can have my peace and quiet, at least for 40 minutes a day.

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Sustainable Design

David and I were IMing this afternoon and during our discussion, he mentioned to me that there are supplimentary podcasts for the design: e² on iTunes! One of the thing that caught my eyes as I browse through the design: e² web site is this bit:

More than 23 billion square feet of residential floor space was built in China from 1997 to 2005. That's three times the total amount of office space in the entire United States.

Looked at another way, China will have built the equivalent of 21 Manhattan in eight year.

Is this sustainable?

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