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As part of the Download Squad blogger team I was honored to be invited to participate in a podcast about my Ubuntu experience, the first of the switcher series on Download Squad. I've already listened to it and think my inexperience as an interviewee shows. I did not sound entirely comfortable and felt rushed in places but I guess it all comes down to practice.

If you spend the time to listen to the podcast, do you think I went into too much technical details about my experience?

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Don’t be cheap

Lesson of the week:

Don't skim on cheap CD-R when good ones are just a few cents more.

The time I saved (tens of hours) trying to install Ubuntu on my PowerBook using good CD-R verses cheap ones are thousands (if not millions) times the difference in cost (a dollar or so).

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QotD: OS Preference

Windows, Mac, Linux – What's your preference and why?
Submitted by ramblingsbymark.

I prefer Mac as a day-to-day OS/Computer. Not that Windows are bad, I use it everyday for 8+ hours for work, and Microsoft has made developing software on Windows really easy and enjoyable. Apple's Xcode is ok but it is nothing like Visual Studio or even Eclipse. But the fact remains that Windows are not secure, must require running of anti-virus/anti-spyware software in the background, requires constant vigilant to make sure it is not infected, etc. makes using a Mac so much more less stressful and enjoyable.

The last time I tried Linux was nearly 10 years ago and even with these intervening years I still think Linux has not evolved into the point where any consumers can install and use it without knowledge of *nix.

OS X is really Linux done right.

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