Cycling Progress

I rode 8.3 miles for the second time this evening. The route is pretty straightforward with only one short category 5 climb. I managed to do it within 2 seconds of my first try, even though I was pushing and trying to go a little faster.

My legs are getting stronger and my stamina is also. Evidently I need to find longer and harder route for my twice weekly rides. So far I come up with a 10.5 miles loop that has a slightly longer category 5 climb in the middle. I’m going to try it next Tuesday and see how that feels.

On the bike gear front, my SPD pedals should arrive tomorrow (thanks to Amazon Prime) while the shoes should come next week. I don’t have problem with using toe clips but getting off and on is still a pain in the arse, especially when getting off the line in traffic intersection.

I wasn’t 100% convinced on the heart rate monitor but since it was a deal with MapMyRide MVP membership, I thought what to lose. As it turns out, it is useful in that I know I’ve been riding in ‘race pace’ zone for the majority of the time, which is good as I don’t want to over train or under train.

Eat healthier Chinese food

CNN has a piece on unhealthy Chinese food which starts off with sensational news then tempered with:

The group found that not much has changed since it examined Chinese food 15 years ago. That's not all bad, Liebman said.

were glad not to find anything different," she said. "Some restaurant
food has gotten a lot worse. Companies seem to pile on. Instead of just
cheesecake, you get coconut chocolate chip cheesecake with a layer of
chocolate cake, and lasagna with meatballs."

But the funny kicker is at the end where they give out 'advices' on healthier Chinese food:

Hold the sauce, and eat with a fork or chopsticks to leave more sauce behind.

I don't know about you, but how else would you eat Chinese food but using a fork or chopsticks? Spoon like a baby?

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