Adjective vs. Noun

Apparently CNN's writer cannot distinguish between an adjective ("dark") or noun ("darkness").

Rescuers faced bullets, grenades, dark

Pathetic. Or in l33k speak, FAIL!

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Writing gig

My first post for Download Squad is now online!

I am very flattered by Victor who invited me to blog for the Download Squad. Thanks Victor!

(Not bad for someone whom English is second language and doesn't have an English degree…)

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QotD: Speak To Me In…

How many languages can you speak?  Which languages can you read or understand?

My shameful answer is that I can speak one and half languages, English and Cantonese. I barely have any opportunity to speak Cantonese nowadays that I hardly know how to. But give me couple of weeks of living with my parents or in Hong Kong, I'll be back to a more respectful level.

As for reading and understanding, I can only claim one now. Chinese is a lost cause for me. Reading and writing are so different from speaking that I'll need lots more time to (re)learn Chinese. (Not that I was good at Chinese before I immigrated to Britain but that's kind of beside the point, isn't it?)

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