The beauty of maths

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How can Formula One justify blatant double standards?

Excellent article from Martin Brundle on Sunday Times. I just cannot believe how arrogant Max Mosely is behaving all these years and no one would stand up to him? I dearly love F1 and have been following it for over 20 years and despite being the most exciting racing last season, I feared the muddling and politicking of Max Mosely had damaged F1's image in the general public beyond repair. 

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Facts or ‘Facts’?

"The video ratings and view counts suggest," the authors write, "the
presence of a community of YouTube users critical of immunization."
This is hardly limited to vaccinations; a quick search for content
based on "Duesberg" pulled up a number of highly rated and viewed
videos that promote his dangerous contention that HIV is a harmless
virus. Find a more prominent area of scientific controversy—say,
evolution or climatology—and it's easy to find a deluge of inaccurate

Via Ars Technica

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