New office desk

New office desk

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I spent the Friday helping the office move from our Chelsea/Park Ave location to the very uptight and proper Lower Manhattan/Financial District high rise building. The floor used to be a Wachovia office so some of the decor is very much bank like. You can see in the background that I have a teller-like window on the right.

This building is right next to the building I used to work in when I was working with JP Morgan Chase. I already spotted a couple of people I knew from across the road when I left the building yesterday. I am sure I will bump into more of them next week.

One good thing that came out from helping out the move was that we swapped our old CRT monitors with nice LCD monitors (finally!).


Have been waiting for the HDTV delivery since 9 AM this morning. Still not here yet, despite being told that it would be delivered between 9AM and 1PM. I guess there are another 35 minutes to go yet. At least I got lots of ecto development work done accumulating to pushing out a new update.

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