Time flies!

It’s been over a year since I conceived the idea of developing a desktop blogging application. How time flies when one have fun! In 12 months, it went from just an idea in my head to some code that I tinkered with when I had some free time. From half baked ideas and codes to half working software in January when I was in between jobs. And from software with a bunch of bugs to commercial software with some bugs. And finally now to software that has largely re-written with lots of new features and more to come.

If you told me a year ago that I will be selling my own software, I would have replied that I don’t think I am skilled enough or business savvy enough to do it. I guess one don’t know until one tries! Of course living in the U.S. where having a side job seems to be the norm rather than the exception helps foster my work. I sincerely think that this enterprise won’t have a chance if I were to stay living in the U.K.

Washington D.C.

So Leah and I are off to Washington D.C. tomorrow night for an extended weekend vacation. I can’t wait to visit the new National Air and Space Museum‘s hanger at the Dulles Airport, with the Space Shuttle Enterprise on display!

We are staying at a hotel in Georgetown so we will be fairly close to downtown. Well closer than where we stayed last time we were in D.C. which was in Crystal City. And the weather forecast looks Ok for the next few days so hopefully I will be able to take some decent photos too.

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